AM15: 117/131hp (147hp)

The AM15 engine is a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine of 117 hp (with option for up to 147hp).


This engine is comparable in power and/or weight to the Rotax 912 & 914, and the Continental O-200.  Built in both upright or low profile slant versions. 

Upgradeable to 131hp @ 5800RPM (147hp @6500RPM)! 

The upright versions are mostly used in trikes, light twins and replica aircraft that require a narrow engine package.  The low profile slant version places the engine at 70 degrees from vertical to fit more conventional cowlings.  Our low profile 70 degree slant version is internally designed from the factory to be mounted at an angle and this is not an aftermarket modification that may effect reliability.

All of our engines are assembled by us from all new parts.  We never use any unknown JDM, used, "rebuilt", "on condition" or other junk yard parts by any name.  

The AM15 is the cost effective alternative to the Lycoming O-235, Lycoming IO-233 and others. 


Like the AM13, the AM15 is a 16 valve, SOHC, inline 4 cylinder engine of aluminum construction and utilizes gear reduction to provide efficient power in a small light weight package. 


The AM15's fuel and ignition are controlled by a FADEC system for simplicity of operation and outstanding fuel economy.  At economy 55% power cruise the fuel consumption is an ultra low 0.39 lbs/hp/hr providing a fuel flow of just 4.2 gal/hr! 


Add to this the ability to run on auto fuel and your fuel costs drop dramatically.


  • Single Overhead Cam

  • 4 Valves Per Cylinder

  • FADEC System Standard

  • Sequential Injection

  • Knock Sensor

  • 2.588:1 Gearbox rated to 225 hp

  • Liquid Cooling

  • Helmholtz tuned cold air induction system

  • Tuned stainless steel exhaust headers (Optional)

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