Video 1

Dan Johnson meets AeroMomentum founder and owner, Mark Kettering

  • how AeroMomentum builds quality motors from Suzuki blocks

  • slant versions of the range

  • configuration of AM13 / AM15, including RPM, AeroMomentum reducing gearbox design

  • testing on Airboats for Aviation

  • engine mounts for Lycoming and variety of aircraft that fit AeroMomentum engines

  • engine weights and sizing (including all components)

  • high performance packages available on AM15, polishing, compression, camshaft variation to upgrade HP (12% increase)

  • AM13 motor vs AM15 fuel consumption rates (4.5 GPH vs 5.5GPH)

  • Suzuki parts, parts available from AeroMomentum, Suzuki dealers

Video 2

Customer, Oliver Reik, takes delivery of his AM15 engine & firewall forward kit (2018)!

  • Real weights, appearance and attention to detail

  • Engine mount appearance (steel, welds, quality & new changes to plates)

  • Cooling system, aluminium, expansion tank, overflow tank, hoses & insulation 

  • Stainless steel headers, muffler, bows and attachment bolts

  • Accessories including cabin heating, dual fuel pumps, fuel filters

  • Discussion of component weights and total weights (fully installed)

  • Why AeroMomentum? Marine testing 1200 per year / 2 engines per week delivery

  • AeroMomentum has more data that Lycoming & Rotax

  • AeroMomentum weight vs more HP available! 

  • Customer service experience: support, honesty, availability & knowledge 

Video 3

Dan Johnson speaks with AeroMomentum founder and owner, Mark Kettering

  • Suzuki & Aeromomentum. Why Suzuki?

  • ECU (Bosch) 20,000 hr failure mean time VS 600 hr dual ignition magnetos

  • Price points in USD$ comparisons

  • Suzuki sells (in a month) what Rotax sells in a year!

  • How AeroMomentum adapt the Suzuki motor, long block, crankshafts

  • TBO discussion (1500hr) and replacement long blocks (easy and cost-effective)

  • Rotax weight vs AeroMomentum weights (what's included in each) / fuel consumption

  • HP & RPM (Lycoming, Rotax, Jabiru) comparisons to AeroMomentum

  • Backup and support at AeroMomentum

Video 4

Jon Croke, from Homebuilt Help introduces Aeromomentum (Mark Kettering)

  • Introduction to AM10, AM13, AM15 

  • Suzuki conversion, 100% brand new engines

  • Explains components, features and benefits (EFI, fuel Octane)

  • Brand new engine, willing to sell any parts as required (no need to buy package!)

  • Gearbox design (2:1 safety) and features

  • fuel economy vs weight / comparison to Rotax and what's included in both engines

  • Lycoming 0-200 / O-235, Rotax 914 comparison (power, weight comparison, costs)

  • AM10 development (3 cylinder / 135lbs / 75hp vs Rotax 582 (300 hr TBO))

  • Why Suzuki? And how were AeroMomentum engines developed?

  • Jet boats history and testing of the engines

Video 5

A walk around Andy Stewart's RV-12 (Alice Springs, Australia)

  • Update 2, from initial mounting

  • Andy has installed an AM15 (117HP) engine to his RV-12

  • Two HP fuel pumps, with minimal changes to fuel system

  • Updates on wiring, solenoids, coolant pipes, coolant header tank

  • Explains components, features and benefits of the AeroMomentum setup

  • Full view of installed engine, including fuel system, mounting and Avionics

Video 6

A final walk around Andy Stewart's RV-12 - before painting!

  • Update 5, full installation completed

  • Explains the process of final installation of engine and avionics

  • Full update on engine installation including walk-around

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