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"Why suffer the high cost of a Lycoming,
Rotax, or Continental when the new choice is clear..."

Aerospace engineered. Reliable. Affordable.


Proven, around the world.

AeroMomentum, Australia.


If you're an experimental aircraft builder, or you're simply planning on changing the engine in your aircraft, we're happy to introduce you to our proven range of quality BRAND NEW engines that will provide you exceptional performance, quality workmanship and reliability at a fraction of the cost of a Rotax, Lycoming and Continental!

Take a look at our engine features:


  • 100% brand new components

  • precision cast genuine Suzuki automotive block and head

  • 4 inline cylinders

  • 4 valves per cylinder & single overhead cam 

  • steel cylinder sleeves 

  • toothed belt cam drive & fixed valve timing 

  • plenum tuned intake system

  • tuned tubular exhaust system 

  • 2.5:1 ratio geared PSRU (Propeller Reduction Unit)

  • direct crank driven gerotor (trochoid) oil pump 

  • solid cast steel crank & forged connecting rods 

  • Bosch FEDEC engine control system & dual coil ignition

  • sequential fuel injection with knock sensor

  • light weight 40 amp alternator (optional 70 amp) 

  • hemispherical combustion chamber

Available: 1.0 litre AM10, 1.3 litre AM13, 1.5 litre AM15 or 2.0 litre AM20. 



Tyabb Airport

Stuart Rd,

Tyabb, 3913


Phone +61 (0)3 9531 1018


From outside Australia / NZ? 

Visit the US site: www.aeromomentum.com


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